We are the First and Only Creators of Bolt-On Profit Centers for Independent Insurance Agents.

The industry's only platform that puts life changing income in your pocket!

Why We Created Crazy Rich Agents

Our non-traditional model out produces our traditional model

Thirty-Seven to One!

Our success showed us there is a better way!!!

Traditional Independent Agents

The traditional agency model is broken. What used to work no longer does.

Most agency income is down because it comes from commoditized ever-shrinking markets.

Hard to find traditional producers to work in agencies.

Agencies are becoming obsolete and will be disrupted by societal trends and the coming wave of Insuretech companies and technologies.

Non-traditional Independent Agents

Our non-traditional agency income has doubled each year during the last 2 years and continues to grow.

We work in profitable underserved niche markets.

We tap into the gig economy for an endless stream of virtual producers.

We have diversified revenue streams.

We leverage societal changes and new technologies.

Crazy Rich Agents Explained

Not Theory! Real life revenue that changed our lives and could change yours. 103% revenue increase year after year.

Insurance Simplified

We have distilled insurance down into its simplest terms. Profitability requires these three components.

Producers to bring business in

Leads-to write

Markets-that win the business your producers bring in

As a partner of CRA, you will have immediate access to all three!

We do what no one else does!


Access to most commercial line markets and select personal lines


Access to Medicare and Senior Markets


Streamlined center for residential and commercial markets


Pre-licensing training Platform


Mergers & Acquisitions Program

What’s Your Plan B?

Our industry is at a crossroads which creates an interesting dynamic. Two things can be true at the same time: traditionally, it’s never been harder to grow your agency; nontraditionally, it’s never been easier.

Our Platform is for Every Agent Who:


Has done things the ‘right way’, and is struggling to stay marginally ahead.


Thinks, “this is not what I signed up for” and knows there has to be a simpler way.


Wants to outrun mediocrity and stop being viewed as a pushy commodity producer who can be easily replace by a carrier website or call center


Fears that they are one rate-increase away from having to scramble.


Feels that nobody looks after their self-interests better than they do; and that what they’ve earn is up to them and their own creativity.

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