Nothing Can Stop an Idea Whose Time Has Come!

What nobody else is telling you is costing you a small fortune…

We are the First and Only Creators of Bolt-On Profit Centers for Independent Insurance Agents.

Imagine if Your Agency Could...


Increase and diversify revenue.


Recruit and retain new producers.


Move into new or more lucrative markets.


Escape the commodity trap.


Be well positioned to sell your agency or to buy others.

Why Crazy Rich Agents?

Our exclusive members only platform brings together the top quarter of 1% of insurance and related services agents in the country. All making more than $1M a year in revenue.

What we have done doesn’t exist anywhere else.

The numbers are mind blowing. What took one agency 30+ years to accomplish -doubled in a year. Imagine going from $100’s of revenue to over $4M!

Imagine how your life would be.

Imagine your carrier contingency checks.

Imagine your agency buy out when the time comes.

The Law of Average – your income is the average of the 5 people you spend your time with.

We invite you to win with us.

Our industry is at a crossroads which creates an interesting dynamic. Two things can be true at the same time: traditionally, it’s never been harder to grow your agency; nontraditionally, it’s never been easier.

Who is this platform for?


Every agent that has done things the “right way” and played by the rules and still is struggling to stay marginally ahead.


Any agent who thinks, “this is not what I signed up for” and just knows there has to be a simpler way.


Any agent who wants to outrun mediocrity and being viewed as a pushy commodity producer who can be easily replaced by a carrier website or call center.


Every agent that fears that they are one rate-increase away from having to scramble.


Any agent that feels that nobody looks after your self-interests better than you do; and that what you earn is up to you and your own creativity.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. An idea that has helped deliver 103% growth last year even during a pandemic. A tried, tested, and curated process with strong partnerships that is agnostic of any marketplace. Opportunity knocks only once – embrace it and be the agent of transformative change.

Krishnan Venkatachalam

Former VP of AIG, Global Agency Ops.
$5.5 B in GPW

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