New Jersey, it’s about time for some good news

Here’s your chance to build real financial stability, so no disaster or crisis ever takes you down again.

Don't miss out⁠—only 90 spots are available!

Are you one of the millions of Americans that has watched their income suddenly disappear?

I’m Jeff Friedlander, and I’ve been a New Jersey resident for over 30 years—I’ve built my business and raised my family here.

And now, when the community most needs a helping hand, I want to give you something that’s in short supply these days: financial stability.

I’ve been flying under the radar for decades, quietly running insurance agencies and building a business system that now puts $9,700 a day in my pocket without very much work.

And now, in a world that just turned completely upside down, my business not only didn’t collapse—it grew.

I’m offering you access to that exact system—not to teach you how to build it yourself, but to actually use my business infrastructure to put money in your wallet.

WAIT—I know what you’re thinking.

Insurance isn’t the business for you.

You know nothing about it…

It’s not interesting…

You don’t have time to mess around with something new…


This could be the most important thing you read all year.

This program is for anyone with a basic education, regardless of your background or profession.

It’s designed to achieve one goal: generate STABLE PASSIVE INCOME for you. That means you do to the work once and keep getting paid year after year.

Suddenly insurance is a lot sexier than you thought, isn’t it?

This program is called Insurance Millionaires, and it gives you access to the business infrastructure that has made me (and many of my friends) millions of dollars in the insurance industry, plus all the training you need to make it work for you.

Normally, membership costs $347 a month.

Now, I want to Help New Jersey Heal: 90 NJ residents who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 can get in FREE for 90 days.

Need to know more before you snag this unbelievable opportunity? I get it. It sounds too good to be true…

But it’s not.

It’s just that no one was ever willing to let you in on these secrets before.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s a cliché, but it’s true, especially about the insurance industry.

It goes way beyond the products you’re familiar with, like home and auto insurance. Businesses need insurance too—restaurants, stores, gyms, contractors, delivery trucks, offices…you name it. You would be floored by the amount of money flying around these places.

It’s shockingly easy to make tens of thousands of dollars every month.

  • Jake, a former pizza delivery kid, makes $65,000 a month selling insurance to long-haul truckers over the internet.
  • Brian sells Medicare through seminars and webinars, and he nets $10,000 of new business at every event (that doesn’t even count renewals).
  • Tim works out of his basement with a cell phone, making $20,000 a month with a no-premium health program.
  • Andy used to be an attorney, and now he nets $600,000 a year doing college planning out of his home office.
  • Dan makes $4.65 million a year insuring bread and snack trucks…and with a certain online mega-retailer (wink, wink) using more and more independent couriers, it’s about to be a lot more.

These are friends and colleagues who have joined me to create something that has never existed before: a way for you to access the incredible profits this industry offers without becoming a full-time insurance agent.

For us, it collectively took 210 years of work and $30 million to build this wildly successful insurance business. We’re giving you the chance to skip that struggle entirely and get straight to the good stuff.

So, all this wealth is right on your doorstep, and you need to do just one thing to reach it.

You need to partner with the people who already know how to get it.

Don’t just learn from them—tie your economic interest to theirs so they make money when you make money. Sit on the same side of the table so they have a vested interest in your financial success.

That’s what Insurance Millionaires is.

It doesn’t just give you advice like most programs do. It puts you in business with us, so you get all our markets, insurance carriers, back-office support, and hard-won knowledge to help you make money.

This kind of partnership is the secret to success that no one tells you about. It’s a bridge from the life you have to the life you want.

The craziest part? You’ll have it better than the experts do.

Each person on the Insurance Millionaires team makes a boatload of cash in one niche market. But if the economic winds shift and that market goes down, they’re in a tough spot. They’ve invested a lot in that niche, and it would cost a pretty penny to change directions.

Not for you.

As an Insurance Millionaires member, you have access to the combined markets of all our experts—everything from contractors to independent courier trucks to Medicare. You can choose a mix of business that works for you and change course whenever you want or need to.

Some of these niche markets are rock steady, like condos and apartment complexes. Some, like contractors, explode when the economy is booming. Others are fueled by long-term market trends…and are thriving during this global crisis (cough, cough, e-commerce).

The point is that you can build a business that’s diversified, agile, and recession-proof in a way that even top insurance people can’t.

These are just some of the markets we're in:









And you’ll be dumbfounded by the money you can make for doing so little work.

Insurance is a trillion-dollar industry, and it’s broken—it hasn’t adapted to the massive social and technological changes that have happened over the last 30 years. Because of that, there has never been an easier way to make thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a month on a residual basis.

Take e-commerce delivery trucks, for instance.

One business might operate dozens of trucks—$1 million in premiums are not unheard-of. That means you could make $75K or more per year for doing nothing but referring one account. (And this is an exclusive program that no one else in the country has access to…just us.)

Look at niches like Medicare and college planning.

Every year without fail, 64-year-olds turn 65, and high school sophomores become juniors. These niches are evergreen—there’s a never-ending flow of new people who need these services and not nearly enough advisors providing them.

Our experts in these niches make more than doctors and lawyers with a small fraction of the effort those jobs demand.

This the perfect foundation for building serious wealth.

Did you know that insurance produces more millionaires than any other industry?

And that 80% of millionaires are self-employed, with 7 different income streams on average?

That’s where Insurance Millionaires puts you: in a lucrative industry, in control of your work, with access to a buffet of diverse markets where you can make money.

Here's how it works.

Get licensed.

We prepare you to get your insurance license. Don’t worry, it’s easy—anyone with a basic education can do it. Our dedicated online portal has everything you need to study at your own pace, and 93% of students pass the state exam on their first try.

Learn to earn.

Our online learning courses train you to find leads in the most profitable insurance niches, using your own social networks and affinity groups. The instructors are some of the top experts in the country in their niches, people who make staggering profits with amazingly little effort.

Do the work.

All you have to do is bring the leads to us, and we do the heavy lifting to close the deal, service the account, and renew the policy every year.

Get paid over & over.

You take home a generous portion of the commissions for both new business and renewals, more than any traditional insurance agency would ever pay. Those renewal commissions are 100% passive income—you get paid without lifting a finger.

This is designed to fit into your life.

Got a full-time job? A family to take care of? Plenty of demands on your time already?

No problem.

You can do as much or as little as you want—no obligations, no targets to meet, and no boss or clients breathing down your neck.

If you have the time, by all means, go at this hard and build up your passive income as fast as possible. But if you don’t, no sweat. Even if you only spend a few hours a week on this, you can still create life-changing passive income within just a few years.

Think about that.

You can achieve financial freedom without sacrificing the things that matter to you and put food on your table right now.

And if you act now, you can do it for FREE—you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You don’t even have to provide the service to get paid for it.

You just bring those people to us, and we take care of the rest.

It’s so easy, you can make your very first dollar on your own insurance policies. Why give that commission to someone else when you get paid for bringing those policies to us?

You get a nice chunk of change every year just by filling out a simple form.

Take that one logical step further—if the coverage stays the same and it takes virtually no effort, wouldn’t your friends and family do the same? They’d rather see you benefit from their insurance policies than some agent they barely know.

Let other people do the hard work while you do the easy part…and get paid over and over.

Once you’ve brought us the lead, your work is done. We do everything else, including getting the client to renew their policy every year, and you just keep cashing those commission checks.

That passive income lets you stop trading your time for money and start spending it on what you care about most: your family, your passions, travel, leisure…the life you really want.

Plus, it lets you stop worrying about how you’ll pay the bills, now or in the future. Pay off your debts, save for your kid’s education, retire without financial stress—it’s hard to overstate the value of knowing with certainty that you’ll always be able to provide for yourself and your family.

So, has Netflix offered to pay you for life yet?

Because that’s what I’m doing.

During this pandemic that has put so much pressure on your bank account, you probably have more free time than ever. You could learn to paint or cook or speak a new language…or just binge-watch TV and wait for the storm to pass.

OR you could get out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill that will free you from ever worrying about money again.

It doesn’t get more behind-the-scenes than this.

If everyone had a superpower, mine would be getting paid stupid amounts of money over and over again for doing very little work.

Let me show you exactly what that means.

These are real records of recurring annual income from just a few of the insurers I work with. Remember, this isn’t the income of some big corporation—I’m just a guy working out of a little strip mall office in rural New Jersey. 

I’m not showing this to brag or bait you.

I just want you to see the massive profits that are out there for anyone with an insurance license and a little know-how…and Insurance Millionaires will give you both of those things.

I can’t fix this health crisis, but I can help you take control of your financial future.

When you join Insurance Millionaires, you get to come into my world and learn exactly how to build the kind of recurring, passive income that changed my life.

So, while I can’t promise to make you a millionaire, I can pay the startup fees for you to partner with millionaires and use the exact same tools we’ve used to make our fortunes.

There’s the same ones my son and daughter use, and I sleep well at night knowing my future grandchildren will be provided for. Wouldn’t you like to have that peace of mind?

I don’t want your money—I want to throw you a lifeline.

New Jersey is my home. It doesn’t get more grassroots than this. We do business in 49 states, but right now I’m looking to take care of my own.

That’s why the first 90 applicants will get this program for FREE for 90 days.

That’s long enough to get your insurance license and start making real money. I want you to have that opportunity, and I’m willing to take money out of my own pocket to give it to you. It’s more than $100K, but I’ll happily spend it to give 90 unemployed NJ residents a life-changing opportunity just when they need it most.

You know what they say: your life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it.

An unprecedented crisis is happening to everyone right now. Are you going to let it drag you down, or will this be the moment that you seize the chance to make your life remarkable?

Once the 90 spots are filled, they are gone for good.

I remember what it was like to be broke. That constant worry is toxic, and it’s no way to live.

I want you to know what it’s like to have real financial security—to know that you can pay your bills, erase your debts, support your family, and do all the things you want to do in life.

That’s why I’m giving you a real shot at the life you’ve imagined, one without financial stress.

But you have to act NOW.

Only 90 unemployed NJ residents are going to get access to this program for 90 days totally FREE. Then it goes back to the regular price of $347 a month.

That’s still well worth it for the money you’ll earn, but if your first 90 days are free, you’ll make back that cost before you ever have to pay it. You’ll never have to reach into your own pocket to build your financially secure future.









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We'll provide all the tools and support you need to succeed, but first we want to know that you're ready to take action. If you're excited to learn, dedicated to following through, and driven to get the life you want, you're a good fit for us.

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What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“If you want a real shot, take this seriously.”

I have known Jeff for more than 10 years, and he is one of my closest friends. Simply put, he has built a bridge for the average person to make the kind of money that it took agency owners like me our entire careers to achieve. Insurance companies fly him all over and consult with him, because nobody is thinking and doing what he does. I know his Inner Circle folks—the instructors—they all deliver the goods. If you want a real shot, take this seriously.

J.D. Dickinson
- CEO of Dickinson Insurance

“You are being invited into a system which has been kept closed to outsiders for years."

“I met Jeff at a private, invitation-only Mastermind Group and honestly thought he might be crazy. Things he was doing and thinking were so counter to what the rest of the insurance industry was doing.  Simply put, Jeff has figured out how to get paid over and over again for work that other people do. He is inviting you to be part of his profit center with very little skin in the game and nothing but upside for you. Do your due diligence, but realize you are being invited into a system which has been kept closed to outsiders for years. Now it’s your turn."

Bruce Strachan
- CEO of Strachan Novak Insurance
Jeff Friedlander

Founder of Insurance Millionaires

About Me

I started my insurance career out of the back of a clothing store over 30 years ago, and I now have significant ownership interests in 5 insurance agencies. I've written two books, sit on the boards of two insurance carriers, and have traveled the world through the generosity of insurance companies. I'm forever thankful for the remarkable life I've enjoyed and now focus my energy on giving back and sharing this gift with others.

​P.S. — Remember, there’s absolutely no cost and no risk in taking this opportunity…just the chance to make life-changing money.

P.P.S — This is your ONLY CHANCE to get into Insurance Millionaires for free! The spots will go fast, and then it will only be harder to build the financial freedom you’re dreaming of. Act now—your future self will thank you! 

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