The Most Complete Simple, Approach to Agency Revenue for Today and the Future!

What if we’ve all been doing it wrong?
What if we could create a sustainable platform?
What if what used to work isn’t working any longer?

Joint venture with a group of self-made multi-million dollar a year producers for business that has exploded.
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Our Crazy Rich Agent platform enables agencies to:

  • Increase and diversify revenues.
  • Recruit and retain New Producers.
  • Sleep at night knowing that no matter what happens you and your income are protected.
  • Move into new or more lucrative markets.
  • Escape the Commodity Trap.
  • Being well positioned to sell your agency or to buy others.

The fundamentally simple steps we took to success

  • Invest a little to make a lot over and over again
  • Don’t take on financial risk you don’t have to
  • Put yourself in a position to be overpaid
  • To win a war you need the biggest army
  • Get paid from everywhere for everything
  • Hang out with the rich successful kids – do what they do
  • Let the smart kids do your homework for you
  • Share, Share – That’s Fair
  • Kick financial worry once and for all
  • Have more Fun in Insurance land
  • Spend time doing the things that make you happy

Tap into giant pools and leverage them to grow your income, your book of business, your contingencies and ultimately your exit parachute massively.

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