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Don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself. Our bios include links to our businesses and public press so you can do your due diligence. You can trust that we know our stuff because we’re still at it, running successful insurance businesses year after year (all while doing more than our fair share of fishing, traveling, and otherwise goofing off).

Our Core Team

Jeff Friedlander


Jeff started his insurance career out of the back of a clothing store over 30 years ago, and he now has significant ownership interests in 5 insurance agencies. He has written two books, sits on the boards of two insurance carriers, and has traveled the world through the generosity of insurance companies. He is forever thankful for the remarkable life he has enjoyed and now focuses his energy on giving back and sharing this gift with others.

Jim Sosinski

Jim Sosinski


In over 30 years as a Certified Public Accountant, Jim has built a wealth of experience in small business administration and accounting. In addition, he is a certified college planning specialist, advising families throughout the application and financial aid process to help them get the best education for the best value.

Andrea Funkhouser

Andrea Funkhouser


Andrea has been working with Jeff Friedlander of Friedlander Associates for the past eight years. She has a degree in Business Management and dedicates her time to specific project implementation. Andrea has used her skills to successfully initiate, plan, and execute the creation of Insurance Millionaires.

Patti Schneider

Patti Schneider


Patti has been an educator for 25+ years and she helps entrepreneurs share their brilliance so they can transform lives. At Insurance Millionaires, she manages the online learning system and helps our instructors create world-class course content. Patti has a background in Psychology, Education, Life Coaching, and Professional Organizing.

Our Expert Instructors

Dan Shubert


Expertise: Independent Distributors

Dan began his career in corporate risk management for a large national food manufacturer and distributor, and he helped pioneer the use of independent contractors in wholesale food delivery. Two decades in, he realized the importance of affordable insurance for independent contractors, and he left the corporate world to help start an agency dedicated to insurance programming and other crucial business services for last-mile trucking.

Shon Messer


Expertise: Independent Distributors

Shon is an expert in risk management for small businesses, including independent contractors, gig workers, and franchise owners. In addition to providing insurance to these businesses through his company DSD Insurance, he also provides advice to entrepreneurs who want to start or improve their franchise business.

Tom Geraghty

Expertise: Homeowners And Flood Insurance

Tom entered the world of homeowner’s insurance almost immediately after finishing college. Through hard work and a couple of lucky opportunities, he has built an extensive network of relationships with mortgage brokers and real estate agents. He believes that in business, knowledge is power—if you know how to make someone else’s life easier in business, it’s easy to build a lasting relationship. That’s how he was able to take over leadership of a dormant insurance agency, bring it to life, and eventually become the sole owner.

Andy Lockwood

Expertise: College Planning

Andy is an internationally recognized expert and best-selling author on college and financial aid advising. He helps clients from all over the world choose the right schools, craft admissions-winning applications, and most importantly, save as much money as possible in the process. Families view his services as an investment because he helps them maximize financial aid and get the best value from a college education for their children. Andy has made numerous appearances in national media outlets to speak about college planning and financial aid. His services are so popular and effective, he nets hundreds of thousands of dollars every year working out of a small office with his wife and partner, Pearl.

Cody Askins

Expertise: Strategies For Success

At 28 years old, Cody Askins currently owns and operates four insurance-based companies grossing over $5 million in sales. Growing up in the insurance industry, he knew this was exactly what he wanted to do. At 20 years old, while playing basketball and going to school full-time, Cody set a goal to make $100,000 in his first year. While working to accomplish his goal, Cody developed a system to set more appointments and get the most out of leads. After exceeding his goal in less than 8 months, Cody realized he could help other do the same. He started Secure Agent Mentor in 2015 as a YouTube channel providing free training to agents, and it’s now an entire platform dedicated to helping agents develop their skills and learn the mindset necessary to achieve their goals.

Brian Askins Insurance Millionaires

Brian Askins


Expertise: Medicare

Brian Askins is well versed in all lines of insurance, but he puts a major focus on Medicare, offering all Medicare plans and a majority of the carriers in the Medicare marketplace. He’s been in this business since 1990 and for 14 years ran the largest Medicare agency of Mutual of Omaha. In 2014, Brian started Secure Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency located in Springfield, MO. He’ll teach you how to run wildly successful Medicare seminars using his own turnkey system, which generates over 200 referrals annually.

Jake Ferrara


Expertise: Transportation Risk

Jake is the transportation specialist in his family-run insurance agency in New Jersey. When he joined the family business, he found that that longer he stuck with the process and stayed dedicated, the luckier he got. He has now spent more than a decade in the insurance industry, and he takes pride in helping new and existing businesses solve the most complex insurance situations with ease.

Robert Frontino


Expertise: Main Street America

Rob is a Senior Commercial Business Consultant at Allstate with over 30 years of experience in insurance and finance. He’s an expert sales professional who has owned his own agency, directed regional sales for a national insurer, and now provides expert business insurance advice. He’ll share his knowledge of how to monetize the mass audience of clients that are available right in your own neighborhood.

Chris Nolan


Expertise: How To Acquire Agencies

Chris is an engineer turned Harvard MBA, corporate leader, and investment banker with a diverse portfolio of experience in business strategy. He specializes in mergers, acquisitions, and identifying promising investment opportunities. This includes acquiring insurance agencies using other peoples’ money, which is a growing opportunity as the biggest generation of agents hits retirement age.

P.J. Giannini

Expertise: Getting And Keeping Customers, Understanding Insurance Markets

P.J. went straight from delivering pizzas to insuring more pizzerias and restaurants than anyone in his region. The premise was simple—he wanted to work with businesses that were very common and easy for insurance companies to handle, and the restaurant niche hit the mark. He started exhibiting at major industry shows and quickly built up a strong knowledge base and network. Not to brag, but he’ll see more pizzeria/restaurant accounts in one year than some agents see in a lifetime!

Keagan Henson

Expertise: Entrepreneurship In Insurance

Keagan is a seasoned and passionate entrepreneur and creator. After starting an insurance agency from scratch and growing his book of business, Keagan sold his insurance agency to start, an online platform that helps Insurance agencies increase their digital exposure. Keagan is a steadfast believer in the insurance agent model and is dedicated to serving this market to help agents win.

Katherine Parker


Expertise: Building A Brand

Katherine’s 7+ years of experience in advertising in the automotive industry brings BriteBee a unique perspective and invaluable insight into lead generation and customer service. Through creative marketing and advertising with graphic design, lead generation, branding, social media and website design, Katherine gives voice to the BriteBee brand.

Madison McCarty


Expertise: Social Media Content

As the Business Development Manager at BriteBee, Madison helps insurance agencies increase their digital exposure through BriteBee’s robust platform, diagnose their pain points and help them achieve their goals. Having joined the BriteBee team in January of 2019 as an apprentice, Madison is now leading BriteBee’s sales, developing new strategies and always striving to improve the customer experience.

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