National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) Certification

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NSSA Certificate Program Benefits

Gaining Solid Knowledge in Social Security benefits will help you to:
  • Grow Your Profits
  • Increase Your Revenues
  • Build Your Practice
  • Increase Your Value to Current and Prospective Clients

The 78 million baby boomers maturing into Social Security are seeking not just financial stability- they are also seeking peace of mind. They don’t want to leave benefits on the table. Earning a NSSA Certificate, will help you work with them to achieve their objectives.

National Social Security Advisor Certificate is a certification issued by the National Social Security Association1. The certification demonstrates that the earner has the required knowledge necessary to assist clients in reviewing the many options that are available when receiving Social Security benefits as well as provide objective and unbiased Social Security education to the public. To earn the certificate, one must take an educational course, take an online proctored assessment, and achieve a minimum assessment score of 79%. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recognizes the NSSA certification as an official designation.

The knowledge obtained through the NSSA Certificate Program, in conjunction with adherence to the NSSA standards of excellence, continuing education, and access to ongoing support, enables those who earn the Certificate to perpetually stay at the top of their game for Social Security consulting.

NSSA is the first Social Security Certificate program in the nation!! Established in 2013.


We help advisors grow their practices and increase their revenue. Our business continues to grow organically, gaining momentum from each prior success.


Do you want to grow your business? Would you like to increase your revenue? Time and again we hear from advisors who’ve gone through our training that they’ve obtained new clients, expanded their practices, and increased their revenue.


NSSA Certificate holders are more than just well-trained sources of Social Security knowledge. They are ethical financial practitioners who always adhere to the highest levels of professional conduct.

The NSSA Certificate Program is a nationally recognized standard of competent and ethical Social Security planning, education, and traning.

Professional advisors who ear the NSSA Certificate benefit society by helping individuals and couples improve their financial security during retirement years through maximization of Social Security benefits.

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