Appliance Repair & Installation

Appliance repairmen and installers are exposed to a variety of risks daily due to the nature of their business. Injuries are the most likely, whether from an electric shock, fall, or consequence of being in a cramped space. The second most common risk is a lawsuit or claim from an unhappy customer. Keep appliance repairmen and women in business without fear of loss of income with proper insurance.


Artisan contractors face unique risks in today’s home improvement market. Injuries due to specialized equipment, unhappy customers, or an unfortunate accident to or from a job site are just a few of the possible scenarios that could result in a lawsuit or claim. As independent or very small business owners, carpenter clients can’t afford to lose any business. Help their business stay sharp with proper insurance coverage.

Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Small or even one-person businesses need to stay profitable to survive. Injuries, illness, or property damage are just a few of the risks that could put your client in jeopardy of loss of income due to a costly claim or lawsuit. Ensure these businesses can stay afloat with proper coverage.

Demolition & Debris Removal

Debris removal requires specialized equipment and the risks of accidents, including property damage and bodily injury, is unfortunately high in this type of work. Give clients peace of mind to continue working without a costly lawsuit or claim tearing down their business and income. Demolition and Debris Removal Insurance protects clients in this industry from the unique risks they face.

Electricians Dealing with electricity is an inherently risky business, and electricians are subject to a wide variety of claims from injury to equipment failure to unhappy customers. Keep electricians in business and safe from shock of a costly lawsuit or claim with proper coverage.

Excavators Every day on the job, excavators face the possibility of worker injuries or property damage due to the type of equipment required to do this type of work. In addition, there is the risk of damaging an underground utility and causing widespread outages or environmental harm. Due to the specialized nature of excavation, discuss with clients an insurance package designed to meet their unique needs.

Handymen are exposed to a variety of risks daily due to the nature of their business. Injuries are the most likely, followed by claims from unhappy customers. Keep clients in business without fear of loss of income due to claims or lawsuits with Handymen Insurance.

HVAC Installers & Technicians Installing or servicing large heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units is physically demanding work. HVAC installers & technicians must put themselves in awkward positions to access all areas of the units, and because units are often outdoors, they can be exposed to extreme temperatures. They also are at risk of inhaling dangerous fumes or chemicals. With a proper insurance policy, your HVAC clients can breathe easy from the possibility of a lawsuit or claim.

Landscapers Working outdoors presents a wide variety of risks. Landscapers face potential injury from working with heavy equipment, exposure to extreme temperatures, handling chemicals and plants, or insect bites, just to name a few. In addition, clients in the landscaping business need to protect their equipment, vehicles and employees, as well as themselves from unhappy clients. Ensure landscapers don’t miss a season with an insurance plan designed just for them.

Painters rely on steady business and customers to stay afloat in a competitive arena. One claim or lawsuit could derail what are usually one-person or very small businesses. Painters do face a variety of risks such as injuries from a fall from a ladder or being wedged into a tight space. Painters also need protection from unhappy clients. Ensure your clients in this realm can continue to bring color to the world without fear from a loss of income.

Plumbers Plumbing is messy, and plumbers often work in tight spaces and/or extreme temperatures which puts them at risk of injury or bodily harm. Plumbers also are susceptible to eye injuries, slips, and falls due to their work with water, as well as claims from unhappy clients or employees. Ensure plumbing clients have protection against these risks with proper insurance.

Roofing Contractors Unfortunately, roofing is ranked as a top ten most dangerous job, with accidents having an almost 30% death rate because of the severity of most. Myriad mistakes and oversights can result in a roofing contractor being held liable for property damage and bodily injury to themselves or their workers. Protect your clients from loss of income from claims or lawsuits with appropriate insurance coverage for their profession.

Tree Trimming Services Climbing trees is dangerous. Tree trimmers face risks such as falling, being injured by equipment, and suffering electric shock if they should run into power lines. These services also have vehicles, employees, and customers all of which could result in a claim. Keep tree trimming clients protected with proper coverage.

Window Cleaners Perhaps the most obvious risk for a window cleaner is injuries sustained from a fall. Cleaners may be on ladders at a home or high up on scaffolding in the case of a commercial cleaner. There are also chemicals involved as well as the possibility of damage to the window or building being cleaned. Whatever type of cleaning business your client is in, be sure they are covered in the case of an unfortunate accident.


Classic Cars & Antique Automobiles

Classic Cars and Antique Automobiles deserve special coverage because they’re special vehicles. Unlike standard cars, after a certain point, classic autos increase in value as they age, rather than depreciate. Having the right insurance can make or break a customer’s ability to restore their auto in the event something tragic happens, because ordinary auto insurance is not sufficient. Using a company who specializes in Classic Auto insurance gives your client the best protection. In addition, the definition of “Classic Car” is not standard across the board. Most Classic Cars are either automobiles that are 25 years or older, muscle and “hotrod” vehicles that have been modified, and extreme luxury vehicles.

Classic Motorcycles

Classic Motorcycle Insurance is a specialty insurance for collector-type motorcycles typically 20 to 25 years or older. It is important for classic motorcycles to be insured for Agreed Value, unlike standard motorcycle policies which are insured for Actual Cash Value, because as collector vehicles age, they appreciate in value. Determining the value of a classic motorcycle should rest with the owner and the insurance company.

Commercial Auto Fleets

Auto insurance is required for all; however, clients with a fleet need a policy to ensure all vehicles are covered in the event of an accident. Drivers, passengers, and property are susceptible to injury or damage in a collision. Give clients who own a fleet peace of mind with proper coverage.

Historic Military Vehicles

Similar to any other classic car, historic military vehicles are a collector’s item with their very own clubs and car shows. Many clients who obtain these vehicles will have questions about how to insure them, or if they need to insure them at all. Historic military vehicles need insurance just like any other specialty vehicle – both to protect them against physical damages, theft, and liability claim in the event of an accident. Many of the same companies who insure classic and restored cars, also insure these little pieces of history.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance

Non-standard auto insurance is insurance coverage for drivers who fall into the highest risk category for insurance companies. This type of coverage is often classified as the most expensive tier of insurance because the drivers who fall into the category of needing it for a variety of factors such as age, driving history, and more.


Cannabis Nurseries

Relatively new to the market are Cannabis Nurseries, which grow and sell marijuana for medical and recreational use in states where it has been legalized. Over the last several years, many states have taken steps to legalize the sale of marijuana, as it has been proven to be useful in treating a variety of illnesses. Given the nature of the products sold, these nurseries come with a special set of risks and liabilities, from theft and burglary to employee dishonesty and more. It’s important to insure the owners and operators of these nurseries adequately to safeguard against loss and liability.

Crops & Livestock

Farmers face a multitude of risks each and every year – risks that can make or break their businesses. Whether farming crops or in the livestock business, uncertain weather conditions, unforeseen pests, and more can completely derail their income for an entire year. There are a number of different types of policies available to farmers, including both private and federally funded programs.


Horse ownership requires a significant amount of time and money, which is why it’s important for clients to protect their assets with proper insurance coverage. There are many insurance carriers that offer clients policies to help prevent significant financial loss should their horse(s) become ill, have an accident, or become injured. A number of different types of coverage exist depending on the carrier used.

Farm & Ranch Property

Farms and Ranches often function in the capacity of both a home and a business, which is a unique insurance situation. This means coverage must extend to cover risks that affect both personal and business belongings and assets. Risks and perils facing farm and ranches are widespread and can affect both the owners’ property and annual income.


Builder’s Risk

The risk of property damage on a construction site is a significant concern for project owners, building owners, developers, contractors, and subcontractors. This damage can result in severe, unexpected costs which can delay the building process or halt it entirely. Also referred to as Course of Construction, Construction All Risk, or Contractor’s All Risk Insurance, discuss Builder’s Risk with clients in the construction business to ensure they are covered from the wide range or risks they face.

Custom Home Builders

Home building is a vocation subject to a variety of risks. Clients face risks of accidents due to working with dangerous equipment, or a stall in work from changes in orders, timelines, or contract negotiations. Protect Custom Home Builder clients with proper coverage designed to meet their unique needs.

General Contractors & Subcontractors

Many risks exist in the contract and subcontracting business. Unfortunate accidents, changes in orders, contracts or timelines can leave clients facing financial strain if business is lost or a lawsuit is filed. General Contractor & Subcontractor Coverage protects against a wide variety of potential claims, including injury and property damage. Give clients proper insurance to continue their craft.

Home Remodelers

The proverb says a man’s home is his castle, which unfortunately means the remodeler takes the blame if something goes wrong. Any number of unforeseen events can cause a homeowner to file a claim or suit against the remodeler including damage to property, personal injury, or delay in project timeline. Give these clients peace of mind to continue their line of work without loss of income with proper coverage.

Railroad Contractors

The railroad business is subject to unique risks – trains, tracks, cargo, and passengers all can be affected by an accident or unforeseen event. Having the right insurance policy in place can help railroad contractors manage this risk. Keep clients protect should an unfortunate incident occur causing injuries to persons or damage to the property of others.


Charter Schools

Charter Schools fill a unique niche in our communities. When children and parents are involved, unique risks exist. Unfortunately, children are susceptible to injuries, buildings are liable to be damaged, or teachers may make claims against their employers. Keep clients who educate others in business with coverage designed just for them.

Child Care

Childcare is an essential service for so many families today, yet children unfortunately are accident prone! Give Child Care Provider clients peace of mind to care for their youth with proper insurance coverage to avoid loss of income due to costly claims or legal fees.

Intercollegiate Sports & College Athletes

Athletes, spectators, trainers, and coaches all face a variety of risks in the big business of college athletics. Ensure everyone is safe and avoid lengthy time outs in the case of an unfortunate accident or injury. Give Intercollegiate Sports & College Athlete clients the peace of mind to focus on victory without worry from a costly lawsuit or claim.

K-12 Accident Insurance

Children spend hundreds of hours in school-sponsored activities, and injuries or accidents can occur on the bus, playing field, or on a field trip. Ensure clients who run school are covered from potential claims with K-12 Accident Insurance.

Military Schools

Military Schools serve a vital need in our communities; however, unique risks exist for these institutions. Buildings may be damaged by natural disaster, students may be injured while in class, or teachers may make claims against their employers. Keep Military School clients marching forward with coverage designed just for them.

Private Schools

Private Schools serve thousands of students, and when children and parents are involved, unique risks exist. Unfortunately, children are susceptible to injuries, buildings are liable to be damaged, or teachers may make claims against their employers. Keep clients who educate others in business with coverage designed just for them.

Vocational Schools

Vocational Schools serve a vital need in our communities; however, unique risks exist for these institutions. Buildings may be damaged by natural disaster, students may be injured while in class, or teachers may make claims against their employers. Keep clients who educate others in business with coverage designed just for them.


Environmental Contractors

Cleaning up environmental waste and working directly with hazardous materials is inherently dangerous, and many risks are involved. This industry requires specialized personnel and equipment. As environmental awareness and regulations are on the rise, more and more companies are turning to environmental contractors for advice and assistance. Ensure your clients aren’t wiped clean by a costly lawsuit or claim with proper coverage.

Logging & Lumber

Logging is hazardous work that requires sophisticated equipment and skilled personnel. If you have clients in the business of cutting, skidding, on-site processing, or loading of trees and logs onto trucks or skeleton cars, then they need Logging Insurance.

Medical Waste Haulers

Disposing of medical waste is an extremely specialized and potentially dangerous profession with many risks involved. Clients in this industry may be exposed to hazardous materials as well as must adhere to strict state and national regulations. Ensure clients’ businesses are not contaminated with a costly claim by designing an insurance package to meet their unique needs. Clients who need this type of coverage are moving and disposing of hazardous materials such as:

  • Blood and body fluids
  • Expired drugs and vaccines
  • Human tissues, organs, etc.
  • Radioactive waste
  • Sharps – needles and blades
  • Surgical waste

Oil & Gas Consultants

As technologies advance and regulations evolve to keep up with this rapidly changing market, it is essential for many industries to consult with oil and gas experts. These consultants must have proper insurance coverage to keep them in the business of assisting others without fear of a lawsuit or claim. Discuss with oil and gas consultants a package designed to meet their unique needs.

Oil Haulers

The demand for oil is enormous and shows no signs of slowing down. Without oil haulers transporting this essential resource to myriad locations, our world would look very different. Because of the delicate cargo, rigs required for transport, and sheer number of hours on the road, oil haulers face serious risks of exposure or injury. Don’t let clients in the oil hauling business see their profits come to a screeching halt due to an unfortunate event. Ensure they are covered properly to stay in the fast lane.


Pollution Coverage is insurance that covers any costs related to pollution. This type of coverage exists to protect against losses and damages from environmental accidents. It can exist to cover the insured from liability resulting from third party injury claims, legal fees, bodily injury, property damage, interruption of business, as well as the cost of clean-up and restoration. These coverages used to exist in general liability and property policies but became exclusions in those policies later due to the rise in Asbestos claims. Although Pollution Liability may not be a frequently occurring claim for most businesses, when a claim does arise, it can be extremely costly to the point of bankrupting a business.


Allied Medical Providers/Medical Liability

Health care is the largest industry in the United States, and Allied Medical Professionals play an essential role in this booming and rapidly evolving industry. Protect these professionals with coverage that defends them from third-party liability claims resulting from patient care, diagnosis, treatment, or support services. It is vital that Allied Medical Providers have the right insurance coverage so they may continue caring for others.

Cannabis Dispensaries

Relatively new to the market are Cannabis Dispensaries, or stores that dispense marijuana for medical ailments. Over the last several years, many states have taken steps to legalize the sale of marijuana, as it has been proven to be useful in treating a variety of illnesses. Given the nature of the products sold, these stores come with a special set of risks and liabilities, from theft and burglary to employee dishonesty and more. It’s important to insure the owners and operators of these businesses adequately to safeguard against loss and liability.


Health care is the nation’s largest industry, with hospitals being central to this booming economic sector. Unique and complex risks exist for hospitals; however, and proper insurance coverage is vital for these medical centers to continue treating the sick and infirm. While patient safety is a primary concern, hospitals must also consider employees, visitors, property, equipment, and data when considering coverage options.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Insurance offers professional liability coverage for physicians and healthcare providers. When patients or families of patients allege negligence or malpractice on the part of the medical provider, this type of insurance will cover legal expenses in relation to any lawsuits. This includes defense attorney fees, court costs and any settlements or judgments rendered against the medical provider. Most states require providers to carry some form of medical malpractice insurance to be able to practice medicine.

Medical Research & Manufacturing

Medical Research and Manufacturing operations are handling hazardous materials on a daily basis. Employees may be injured or become ill, and environmental impacts must also be considered. Equipment is delicate and must be protect as well. Ensure clients can continue to carry on with this important work with Medical Research and Manufacturing insurance.

Senior Care & Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors expect more choices from their living facilities in terms of the types of residences available, level of care, services offered and access to up-to-date accommodations. Evolving industry demands coupled with the lack of skilled workers in facilities can leave your clients exposed to massive losses. Keep clients safe from these losses with proper coverage.


Adult Clubs

Clients who are in the business of entertaining adults need specific coverage for their unique needs. Adult club owners need to protect themselves from costly lawsuits or claims from customers and employees, as well as potential property damage. Give club owners peace of mind to pursue their business interests without worry with proper coverage.

Bars, Pubs & Taverns

Bars, pubs & taverns are typically lively, fun, and high-energy establishments. Ensure clients who run these businesses aren’t blindsided by a costly claim that could hinder their ability to do business. Protect their interests with an insurance policy that protects from the myriad risks facing these types of businesses such as patron injuries, employee claims, theft, or property damage.

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts are a wonderful way to supplement income using one’s personal property; however, unique risks exist for clients who take on this business. They need protection for the structure itself, for the property within their B&B, as well as from claims against guests or employees. Give B&B clients peace of mind to continue running their businesses without loss of income with proper insurance.


Breweries are a hot new trend in cities across the country. These small businesses allow brew masters to share their talents with beer enthusiasts. While seemingly a simple enough industry, risks are ever present. Any time alcohol is served at an establishment, there is a possibility for a rowdy customer. In addition, injuries can occur on or around the brewing equipment. Ensure your clients in this rapidly growing market can continue their craft without fear of loss of income with Brewery Insurance.

Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs bring joy to millions of customers every day. Don’t let a claim cast a dark shadow on a comedy club client’s business. Discuss with them the unique risks this fun-loving business faces and examine their policy needs. Give peace of mind to clients who own comedy clubs so they may continue keeping their customers rolling in the aisles.

Hotels & Motels

Providing rooms to unknown guests opens hotels and motels up to a wide variety of risks. Protect clients who own these establishments from property damage, theft and liability from cyber-attacks, injured patrons, lack of security, liquor, food poisoning and other health scares. Hotel and Motel Insurance allows clients to continue unlocking doors for guests without fear of loss of income from an unfortunate situation.

Jazz Clubs

Jazz is uniquely American, and jazz clubs face unique risks. Property damage, unruly customers, or an employee accident all can lead to unfortunate low notes in a small business should a claim or lawsuit be filed. Keep jazz club clients in tune with an insurance package that keeps them hitting the high notes!

Liquor Liability

This type of coverage protects individuals and businesses from liability claims that arise from guests consuming too much alcohol served at their establishment. It provides protection against damages from injury claims, as well as covers legal costs associated with defense against such claims.
Unfortunately, inebriated patrons and guests come with an entire host of liabilities such as destruction of property, physical altercations with other patrons, auto accidents, and more. Liquor liability gives businesses protection against lawsuits and injury claims resulting from these issues.

Live Music & Event Venues

Because of the sheer number of people in attendance at live music and community events, the likelihood of risks increases exponentially. Clients who own these types of venues need to protect themselves from losses due to an unfortunate accident or unruly attendee. Consider the types of coverage outlined below to protect clients from a missing a beat of business.

Lounges & Night Clubs

Because of the late operating hours and customer consumption of alcohol that occur at lounges and night clubs, unfortunate incidents are inevitable. Owners of these types of businesses must protect themselves with coverage beyond what standard markets can provide. Discuss with clients the options below and design an insurance plan with their specific needs and goals in mind.


As more and more people eat out due to their busy schedules, restaurants are becoming increasing popular across the country – from big cities to small towns. Protect restaurant clients from theft, property damage, employee accidents, or the unfortunate customer complaint with an insurance package designed to meet their unique needs.

Sports Venues

Thousands of people pack into sports venues and arenas for events. Due to the sheer volume of bodies, the risk of an accident occurring is high, and negligence and injury claims can result from an unfortunate occurrence. Give clients in this industry protection from loss of income or bad PR from an incident with a proper insurance plan designed to meet their unique needs.



When an earthquake hits, most people understand that damage to their property is a possibility. However, many business owners don’t consider the full risks of an earthquake hitting one of their properties. Non-building structures also be severely damaged resulting in costly repairs and business interruption. Earthquake Coverage can protect your clients’ sites after an earthquake hits.


When disaster strikes, alleviate some of your client’s concern with coverage designed for them. Unfortunately, flooding is becoming more and more common across the country, and rebuilding takes time and money. With Flooding Insurance, rebuilding is not as daunting a task for clients recovering from a flood.


Accidents & Personal Injuries
It’s a fact – accidents happen. Unfortunately, some accidents result in debilitating injuries which can lead to a financial strain on a family. Medical bills and lost wages can leave clients and their families struggling to make ends meet. Protect your clients with an Accident & Personal Injury policy that limits their exposure and ensures that they can focus on healing instead of worrying about the challenges that arise from issues due to accidents or injuries.

Identity Fraud & Theft

The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity theft tops its list of complaints by consumers nationwide. Policies to protect from this rapidly growing crime include internet technology, security analysis, and customer profile monitoring to identify and prevent identity theft and privacy breeches. Keep clients safe from hackers with Identity Fraud & Theft insurance coverage.

In-Home Businesses

A huge percentage of businesses operate from the home, which is wonderfully convenient but also can be risky. Depending on the type of business, clients may accuse business owners of negligence or make personal injury claims. Supplies or merchandise can become damaged, lost or stolen. Discuss with clients who run businesses out of the homes the proper coverage to ensure worry-free operations.


Jewelers Block coverage protects against physical loss or damage to precious and semi-precious stones, jewels, jewelry, precious metals and other related property typical to the jewelry trade, including property of others entrusted to the insured or property of an insured entrusted to others. When standard home polices do not properly cover all risk exposures, you need additional markets and products to cover affluent clients, and their personal assets.

Personal Articles Floater

Most Homeowners policies have a number of exclusions and limitations set forth in their language. That’s why it can be important for agents to help their clients identify potential coverage gaps by asking about valuable property owned. Valuable property items like engagement rings, art, and more can be added as “Floaters”on the policy and provide adequate coverage to replace the item if it’s lost or stolen.


Accountants & Financial Service Providers

The financial business is personal and, unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen. Protect financial planners from losses should an unfortunate situation arise. Give clients peace of mind that their own finances are safe while they manage money for others.

Alarm Contractors

Installing alarm systems in homes and businesses is physically demanding. Sometimes, malfunctions occur within the systems themselves. Avoid claims from injured employees or unhappy clients with a policy that protects against lawsuits and injury claims as well as legal costs associated with fighting these types of claims. Alarm Contractor coverage keeps businesses safe so they may continue keeping their clients safe.

Architects & Engineers

Designing and creating bridges, buildings, and skyscrapers just to name a few, is exciting yet risky. Plans may fail, unexpected delays may occur, or someone may be injured on a job site. Don’t let these unfortunate possibilities affect your client’s ability to continue to create with Architect & Engineering coverage that is designed specifically for these occupations.

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

This coverage hedges the potential financial loss resulting from claims of negligence, poor performance, errors in judgment and any omissions. A solid Errors and Omissions policy can prevent such mistakes from bankrupting your client’s otherwise healthy organization.

Executive Liability Coverage

Executive Liability is a type of insurance designed for employers to protect from employee claims such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, and more. Large corporations, in particular, with many employees should take a look at this coverage to protect their businesses and finances.

Film Production

Making movies can be risky business. Sets are potentially hazardous and stunts are inherently dangerous. Weather, an ill actor, or a myriad of other unforeseen circumstance, can play a role in production delays. Ensure your client’s productions run smoothly without added costs from lawsuits and injury claims with Film Production insurance.

Kidnap & Ransom

Unfortunately, the rise in the threat of kidnapping and extortion has increased abroad and at home for not only companies but families as well. A fun vacation could turn devastating, or a local trip can turn tragic in this day and age. Protect clients from these threats with Kidnap & Ransom coverage that is customized for their specific needs and is unrestricted worldwide.

Media Liability Insurance

Media Liability is a type of Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance that includes protection from the following claims: defamation, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright, and plagiarism. Clients in any type of media-related work should be sure to carry this coverage.

Pest Control

Battling bugs can be dangerous work and is ever-evolving as new technologies arise. Companies need protection should a client or employee file a claim. Pest control work comes with significant risk of bodily harm from having to access difficult locations around homes and businesses as well as from a bite or sting from a pest. Claims may arise from injured employees or disgruntled clients. Help protect your clients from these very real possibilities by finding appropriate coverage!

Small Businesses

Small businesses have enough to worry about competing in today’s market without having an added concern of loss of income due to a lawsuit or insurance claim. Small businesses are susceptible to a wide variety of issues that can arise – from employee injuries to property damage to disgruntled clients, just to name a few. Give small business owners peace mind with the proper insurance coverage.


Apartment Buildings

This type of coverage is designed to limit exposure to property damage, loss of income, stolen contents, and other losses. Property is susceptible to environmental risks, such as earthquakes and floods, as well as tenant claims. Apartment Building coverage helps avoid any loss of income due to events which will likely be out of your client’s control.

Coastal Properties

Coastal homes require more than your average homeowners policy because they face higher risks and perils than homes in areas less prone to damages. Coastal homes are susceptible to hurricanes, high winds, flooding, and more, and often are not a primary residence, making them even more unusual. Standard policies often have stripped down coverages due to the high-risk nature of properties in coastal counties. This is why there are companies who specialize in covering these types of homes.

Condos (HO6)

Condo Insurance (H06) gives owners protection from anything that happens inside the property as well as in the event an unfortunate accident occurs on their property. While owners are not responsible for any outdoor or common areas, they do need to be protected in the case of theft or damage to the unit itself. Be sure to discuss Condo Insurance with clients who enjoy this lifestyle.

Dwelling Fire

Dwelling Fire coverage is offered as an add-on to most homeowners policies to help you design coverage to suit each client’s unique needs. Aside from the obvious – fire damage – these policies also cover losses related to smoke damage, hail, wind, and vandalism. Dwelling fire is essential for landlords, owners of property under construction or renovation and seasonal homeowners.

High-Value Homeowners

High value home insurance provides coverage to homes and estates that are of higher value than the average home – typically those above the $750 thousand threshold. These homes may have exceptional or unique design elements, be heritage homes, etc. It is a wise choice as the most comprehensive coverage for who value clients with a lot of important assets to protect.


Note that some policies vary by state and by companies within your state.

– HO3
The most popular homeowners insurance, an HO3 policy protects the home, property, family from a wide variety of risks. In addition, this type of policy protects attached structures and includes liability in case a third party is injured on the property. Be sure to go over the policy carefully as these policies are broad reaching but don’t always cover everything.

– HO5
Similar to HO3, an HO5 policy will protect homeowners against a variety of risks. The main difference is that HO5 provides more coverage for personal belongings. An HO5 insures belongings against all causes of loss that are not specifically excluded, whereas HO-3 only covers causes named on a specified list.

– HO8
If your client owns an older home, consider an H08. The coverage is similar to an HO3, but with special adjustments to better suit older homes. This type of policy is often used for historic homes and registered landmarks.

Mobile & Manufactured Homes

Mobile or manufactured home insurance is similar to a regular home insurance policy. However, because of the way they are constructed, many standard homeowners policies have certain exclusions due to the increased risk for damage from storms, and higher risk of theft. For this same reason, mobile home coverage can often be pricey for your client. It’s imperative to use the expertise of a company who is an expert in providing comprehensive coverage to mobile home owners.

Rental Properties

With the rise of websites like Airbnb, VRBO and more, Rental property insurance is becoming more important than ever. Rental property insurance, not to be confused with renters insurance, offers coverage to landlords of rental properties. It provides insurance to protect the structures on the property, liability for incidents that occur on the premises, the owner’s personal content that exists on the property, and more.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance covers the contents of a rented property. The renter insures their own personal property but is not responsible for insuring the actual building structure, as that is the responsibility of the landlord. Generally, the coverage is inexpensive to obtain, and also covers the renter in the event someone is injured inside their rented property. Renter’s Insurance is often an overlooked policy type because many renters either don’t know it exists or don’t think it’s necessary.

Tenant Legal Liability

When a tenant causes damage to a property, investors are often left shouldering the burden of the cost. Whether it is minor damage from a simple appliance water overflow, or a more serious event like a cooking fire, these costs can play havoc on the bottom line.


In short, Townhome Insurance covers everything inside the condo, as well as the land it is built on and any exterior areas such as patios or balconies. Most policies cover fire damage and some storm damage. Flood or earthquake insurance requires a separate rider. Townhouse owners also need liability to protect from accidents on their property.

Vacant Properties

Vacant Property Insurance offers owners of vacant properties coverage for property damages or losses. Most standard homeowners policies have exclusions for certain types of losses if the dwelling is unoccupied, This is a specialty type of coverage that can be purchased as a its own homeowners policy, or as an endorsement.

Vacation & Secondary Properties

Vacation and Secondary homes provide a wonderful respite for clients who can afford them. They also face much higher insurance risks than primary residences because the homeowners don’t reside there full time. Properties that are vacant for weeks or months at a time face exposures to theft, vandalism, and easily overlooked damage like leaks, making the homeowners policies that cover them more expensive than standard policies.


Amateur Sports Leagues

Amateur Sports Leagues provide a healthy outlet for so many athletes; however, they also come with inherent risks, especially injuries. Give these clients the freedom to pursue their passion of sports without a loss of income due to a claim or costly lawsuit.


Whether it’s an aquarium, museum, historical site, or park, attractions draw crowds which unfortunately increases the risk of an accident. Many of these types of businesses also hire volunteers and employees who may also be injured on the job. Discuss with clients who run attractions their coverage options to keep operations running smoothly.

Boats & Marine Recreation

Whether your client owns a personal watercraft or runs a marina, proper insurance coverage is essential to prevent financial loss in the case of a lawsuit or claim. Unfortunately, many accidents occur on the water every year and a large percentage involve injuries. Marina owners also should ensure they are covered for incidents on their docks or such as theft, vandalism, or gas spill. Discuss with clients current coverage and what additional policies they need in place to keep enjoying the water.

Bowling Alleys

Along with the fun of bowling comes risks. The most common is the injury of a customer or employee from falling on the alley’s slippery lanes. Employees also face risks working with ball return equipment. Most bowling alleys also serve food and alcohol, which comes with a set of risks of its own. Give owners peace of mind to continue providing family fun with an insurance package designed to protect their investment.


Whether its arts, athletics, adventure, or just plain fun, every camp needs protection from the risks associated with this business. Accidents, injuries, or unhappy campers or parents are all risks faced by clients who run camps. Keep them free from worry with insurance designed especially for them.

Fitness & Exercise Centers

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle; however, owning a gym comes with many inherent risks. There are machines involved, and unfortunately customers can be injured. The possibly of structural damage also exists, as well as claims from employees. Ensure clients in the Fitness & Exercise facility business are properly covered.

Golf Courses

Golf is the ultimate escape for many enthusiasts; however, risks do exist on the fairways and greens. Accidents can and unfortunately do happen, and you’ll want to ensure your clients aren’t handicapped from a costly lawsuit or claim with insurance coverage designed specifically for their unique needs.

Motor and Powersports

Don’t let a lawsuit or claim put clients in reverse due to loss of time and/or income. This type of equipment can fail, or drivers can be injured. Ensure clients have the proper coverage to keep moving full speed ahead.

Swimming Pools

As much fun as they provide, pools are inherently dangerous. According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4. Injuries may also occur from slipping on pool decks, diving from a board or into a shallow end, or from exposure to pool chemicals, such as chlorine. Ensure clients who manage pools are covered in case of an accident with insurance designed specifically for their needs.

Trampoline Park & Jump Zone

Finding appropriate policies and risk management is of top importance to trampoline park owners and operators due to the myriad risks involved with these establishments. Your customers want their trampoline parks to be safe and fun no matter what size or shape they are. Discuss with clients the risks and policy to best fit their needs and keep their business and profits jumping!

Travel Across the US/Mexico Border

Laws in Mexico vary greatly from those in the U.S., including what types of auto insurance are accepted. Ensure your clients driving cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, 5th wheels, and trailers aren’t stranded in Mexico for an extended vacation because they aren’t properly covered. Give traveling clients peace of mind to enjoy the journey.


Beauty & Personal Care Services

Beauty and Personal Care Services includes a variety of businesses, such as hair and nail salons, spas, massage parlors, and more. Ensure clients in this industry are safe from loss of business due to claims with proper coverage. Risks they face include claims from customer or worker injuries, or physical damage to buildings or supplies from fires or a natural disaster. Advise these clients to double check coverage to ensure they are prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Car Dealerships with Open Lots

Open Lot Coverage provides physical damage protection to a dealer’s vehicles and equipment. Coverage can apply to cars being driven to or from auction, parked on the lot as inventory, driven for personal use by an owner or employee, and vehicles being test driven. Keep clients safe from claims stemming from these types of issues with Car Dealer Open Lot Coverage.

Car Washes

Whether self-serve or full service, a variety of unfortunate accidents can occur at car washes. Possible claims could arise from customer injuries, damage to vehicles, theft, and much more. Keep your clients prosperous with proper coverage to avoid loss of income from insurance claims or lawsuits.

Clothing & Apparel

Retail shops are susceptible to a wide range of risks including theft, customer accidents, as well as damage to property. Allow retail clients to focus on selling without fear of a claim with Clothing & Apparel Store Coverage.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are susceptible to a wide range of risks including theft, customer accidents, as well as damage to property. Those that sell gas have the added risk of fire or explosions. Give convenience store clients the freedom to focus on their businesses with coverage tailored to meet their unique needs.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores provide an invaluable service to their neighborhoods and communities; however, accidents are bound to happen. Falls from wet floors, a fender bender in the parking lot, a butcher cutting his or her hand – these are just a few of the incidents that can occur at a grocery store on any given day. Help clients who own grocery stores protect their valuable investment by exploring coverage to fit this unique market.

Home Goods

The most common risk clients in retail business face are customer accidents. Also high on the list are employee accidents. The store owner is responsible for anything that happens on the premises; be sure to help retail clients understand the need for comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their investment.


Keep laundromats clean from loss of income due to an incident or accident on the property. Laundromats face unique risks such as customer injuries from the machines or a fall on a slippery floor. Theft and damage to property are also risks faced by this type of business. Allow laundromat owners to avoid dirty laundry by discussing these risks and the types of insurance needed to cover them.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are in the business of buying and selling, and often have a significant amount of cash on hand. Because of the risks involved in the pawn business, it is imperative owners have insurance coverage designed to meet their specific needs. Risks for pawn shops include theft, property damage, customer injuries, as well as employee claims. Discuss insurance options with pawn shop owners to keep them open for business.

Self-Storage Facilities

Fire and flood are just two of the possible risk factors that could lead to a liability lawsuit should property become damaged in a self-storage facility. Keep clients in this line of work free to continue taking good care of their clients’ property with proper insurance.

Supply Stores

Supply stores come in all shapes and sizes and offer a variety of products. Whether its fabric, hardware, medical equipment, or any other type of supply, make sure store owners and their customers are covered in the case of an unfortunate accident. Supply Store Insurance allows shopkeepers to keep their doors open in the event of a costly lawsuit or claim.

Tattoo & Body Piercing Shops

Tattoos and body piercing, once considered to only be done by fringe members of society, is now common among adults of all ages and social classes. With tattoos and piercings growing in popularity, proper insurance coverage is vitally important because the number of lawsuits against tattoo artists and piercing experts is on the rise. Protect clients in these businesses and their employees from financial disaster.

Upholstery Shops

Small business owners make significant investments in their craft, and a costly lawsuit or claim could be their demise. Don’t let this happen to your clients. Discuss coverage options that go beyond typical insurance to ensure upholstery shop owners can continue bringing color and texture into their clients homes.

Vape Stores

As Vape Shops become more and more popular across the country, the risks clients in this business face increases as well. Theft, customer accidents, as well as damage to property are all possibilities in this line of work. Allow Vape Shop clients to focus on selling without fear of a claim with proper coverage.



Aviation clients have unique insurance needs, including coverage for the various parts of planes, passenger, injuries, property damage or cargo loss. Don’t leave aviation clients grounded by loss of income from a claim or costly lawsuit. Aviation Insurance should be discussed with any client who owns planes, whether a light sport aircraft or a large fleet.

Churches & Religious Institutions

Your client’s house of worship is a sacred place; however, accidents do happen. Worshippers, visitors, staff, and children are all subject to injuries, and property damage may occur to the physical structure. A Church & Religious Institution policy keeps clients safe to continue their work for their congregations and communities.


Energy Companies engage in a high-value, high-risk marketplace and encompass a broad spectrum of industry niches – from oil and gas operators to alternative and renewable energy companies. Environmental risks, injured employees, or physical plant damage are just a few of the unique risks faced by energy companies as technologies change rapidly and regulations evolve. Ensure your energy company clients are covered for the variety of possible risks with Energy Insurance.

Equipment Rental

Construction equipment is expensive and difficult to operate. Clients who loan out these machines to third party renters need to ensure they are covered in the event of an accident resulting in body injury or damage to the equipment itself. Ensure clients are covered with Equipment Rental Insurance to protect from loss of income due a claim or legal fees.

Garage & Repair Shops

Garages and repair shops move a lot of vehicles on a daily basis. Heavy equipment is an essential part of the business, and any number of accidents can happen causing injury to workers or physical damage to vehicles. Ensure clients can continue to meet the needs of their customers without a bump in the road due to claims with a policy tailored to their business.

Inland Marine

Precious cargo is often transported through commercial carriers, who are burdened with the task of protecting that property. Keep operators safe in the event of an unfortunate accident during transit that may result in damage. Whether they’re transporting jewelry, art, electronics, heavy equipment, or anything in between, help your clients avoid a financial hit with proper coverage.

Manufacturing, Wholesalers & Distributors

Clients who are in the business of selling need protection. Most wholesalers and distributors operate out of warehouses, which are susceptible to a variety of risks from natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and more. Occasionally the products themselves may also be considered high-risk, such as heavy equipment, hazardous goods, or items made with flammable materials. Give clients peace of mind with proper coverage.

Non-Profit & Volunteer Organizations

These organizations do so much good – don’t let them get derailed by an unforeseen accident, injury, or natural disaster. Ensure operations continue to move smoothly and these organizations can focus on their missions with insurance policies tailored to their specific needs.

Premises & On-Site Liability

This type of insurance impacts businesses that own business property and that are legally responsible for the safety of invited guests to that property. Regardlessif your client operates their business out of their home, or at a business property, their premises pose some level of potential for accident or injury. The level of danger faced by guests of a business vary based on the nature of the business and property location. Help owners consider their property and the business in planning for accident prevention and safety.

Public Entities

Public entities, including municipalities, state and federal governments and their agencies, have unique risks that differ from the types of risks found in the private sector. These risks make it imperative to properly insure public entities. Protect clients with coverage designed to meet their unique needs.


In the unfortunate event that a business releases an unsafe product to the public, Recall Insurance can protect from the costs associated with ensuring public safety and brand preservation. Unfortunately, despite most companies’ heavy investments in product research and testing, sometimes recalls are necessary due to a mistake. Keep clients safe from loss of profit or with proper coverage.

Special Events

Events take hours of planning and oftentimes significant financial investment to be successful. Event planners are tasked with ensuring everything runs smoothly down to the last detail. Should an unfortunate accident occur during any point of the event, planners can be held liable. Because of the nature of special events, a number of third-party liability risks exist. Keep event planners free from worry of a claim with proper coverage.

Storage & Warehouse

Fire and flood are just two of the possible risk factors that could lead to a liability lawsuit should something get damaged in a storage or warehouse facility. Keep clients in this line of work free to continue taking good care of their clients’ property with proper coverage.


While rare, if your client’s organization is at risk of a terrorist attack, it is essential to provide coverage to protect from the huge losses associated with these horrific events. Terrorism can affect everyone involved within an organization from the employees to the top executives to the shareholders. Business stability is at risk after such an event; support clients who could be exposed to terrorism from devastating loss that accompanies this risk.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is regulated on a state-by-state basis and is generally mandatory for all businesses. Workers’ comp is invaluable to your clients who own businesses for providing financial protection in the event of a job-related accident or illness. Workers’ compensation insurance serves two purposes for your client’s business: it assures that injured workers get medical care and compensation for a portion of the income they lose while they are unable to return to work, and it protects the employers from lawsuits by the injured worker.


Cyber Security & Privacy

Consumers trust businesses with all types of personal information in today’s technology age; however, unfortunate events can occur to compromise this data, leaving companies at risk of facing a costly claim or lawsuit. Data can be hacked, leaked, or systems can malfunction leaving information vulnerable. Help businesses prepare for a worst-case scenario situation with Cyber Security & Privacy coverage, which notably covers both first-party and third-party claims.

Technology Errors & Omissions

Technology E&O is specifically designed to protect technology companies when their clients claim they haven’t performed to expectations. This coverage hedges the potential financial loss resulting from claims of negligence, poor performance, errors in judgment, omissions, or product failures. As more and more industries rely on technology, companies providing tech services and support must ensure they are protected against a costly mistake or claim from a customer.


Cargo Shipping & Freight

Keep your clients in the shipping business safe from financial hardship should something become damaged during travel by land, sea or air. Cargo Insurance protects products from departure to arrival and limits the operation’s exposure to liability. Be sure to discuss Cargo Insurance options with clients who move merchandise across the country and/or world.

Dump Trucks & Haulers

Unfortunately, haulers and dump truck operators are vulnerable to a variety of claims from accidents which may cause injury or damage to property or vehicles. No matter the cargo or the client, dump truck & hauling operations need smart solutions to continue operating without a hitch. Give your clients the protection required for their specialty market with Dump Truck & Hauler Insurance.

Excess Auto

Excess Auto Coverage protects your clients who utilize any type of vehicle(s) for business purposes. In the case of an accident or collision, the company may be liability should damage or injuries occur. Evaluate current coverage and discuss with your clients who operate vehicles the need for an Excess Auto policy to ensure proper coverage.

Limousine & Chauffeured Transport

Auto insurance is required for all individuals and is particularly critical for clients in the limo or chauffeur business. Passengers, employees, and vehicles need to be covered in the case of an unfortunate accident or collision. These days distractions abound for drivers, not to mention the other drivers on the road who may be driving errantly or irresponsibly. Don’t let your clients risk losing income or their thriving business with Limousine & Chauffeured Transport Insurance.

Ocean Marine

The ocean is an unpredictable force. Lost cargo, injuries, or ship damage are just a few of the risks faced by ocean and marine clients. Give them peace of mind to carry on with their work with Ocean Marine Insurance that provides safe harbor from income loss should a lawsuit or claim arise.

Shuttle Services

As shuttles and public transportation become increasingly popular, companies must ensure they have proper insurance coverage to avoid loss of income in the case of an unfortunate accident or claim. The very nature of shuttling people comes with inherent risks. Help clients in this business understand these risks and ensure they are properly covered.

Taxi Services

Taxis are essential in many cities as more and more people rely on public transportation or don’t want to battle traffic. Protect taxi clients should an accident occur – no matter who is at fault. Taxi Service coverage keeps drivers, customers, and companies protected from a hit on income should a claim arise.

Towing Services

Businesses that tow or haul other vehicles face unique risks as they are responsible for their own employees and vehicle as well as the property they are hauling. Many unforeseen incidents can occur to damage either the tow truck itself or the vehicle in tow. Protect clients from losing business or income due to an unfortunate claim with proper insurance coverage.


According to the American Trucking Association, 71% of freight in the U.S. travels on trucks. This industry is essential to our country’s economy and well-being. Should an unfortunate accident happen, don’t allow trucking clients businesses to be stalled. Provide them with intelligent insurance solutions for their operations to avoid loss of income from lawsuits or claims.

Valet Parking

Valets take others’ valuable property into their care, and accidents can and do happen when drivers are operating unfamiliar vehicles and trying to respond quickly to customer requests. Minor dings and scrapes are common, and significant damage to vehicles or injuries to drivers are real risks facing valet companies. Ensure your valet clients are protected from loss of income with Valet Parking Insurance.