Mortgage Loan Originator

It has never been a better time to obtain your mortgage license. CRA has a close partnership with Mortgage Educators and Compliance which enabled us to create exclusive national contracts with a top mortgage company.

The mortgage company is licensed to do business in 48 states and processes 1000+ loans a month for $325M in closed business each month. The fees are incredibly low, making it very rare to lose a deal to a competitor due to price. If you get licensed through CRA, you have a ready-made connection to this firm.

What does this mean for you?

The average residential home loan is $350k for a purchase or a re-finance. You are paid 30 basis points or $1050 on a $350k deal.

Your job is to simply hand off the lead and get paid when the deal is placed. There is no need to become a mortgage expert, just become a licensed lead passer.

Increase your customer household reach and retention while providing valuable services that other agents can’t.

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